Chinese rhubarb

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A perennial, the roots and rhizome of which contain anthraquinone glycosides including sennosides A–F, anthroquinones (e.g., emodin), and tannins
Chinese medicine Chinese rhubarb is used for diarrhoea in low concentrations and as a laxative at high concentrations; it is antipyretic, and a digestive tonic
Herbal medicine Chinese rhubarb is used in Western herbal medicine as in traditional Chinese medicine
Contraindications Pregnancy, arthritis, urinary tract disease
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Chi·nese rhu·barb

(chī-nēz' rū'bahrb)
(Rheum palmatum) Used in traditional Chinese medicine as a purgative and therapy for other gastrointestinal diseases; possibly dangerous because of the presence of oxalic acid.
Synonym(s): da-huang.
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