Chinese restaurant

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Chinese restaurant,

a dining establishment that serves Chinese food.
Chinese restaurant syndrome - chest pain, facial pressure, and burning sensation that develops after persons sensitive to monosodium glutamate ingest this food additive. Synonym(s): Kwok quease
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New York City Congresswoman Grace Meng has asked Google, Apple, Android and other platforms not to carry an online game called "Dirty Chinese Restaurant." In a ( series of Monday tweets , Meng expressed how offensive she finds the game.
One evening, Jenny, our producer, invited us to dinner at Bellevue Hotel's Chinese restaurant Phoenix Court.
Chinese restaurant workers sued, but before their case could be heard, a federal court struck down the statute based on a suit by an Austrian restaurant worker.
Ada Lee, the longtime owner of the property, operated Cathay's Chinese Restaurant there in the 1950s and 1960s, an architect who represents Li wrote to the city last year.
The Legacy of Taste Pagoda Awards are in their ninth year and are open to all types of Chinese restaurants - independent, part of a chain, fine dining, local or family run.
"And of course it's brilliant that Chung Ying continues to be recognised as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country."
ON THE MARKET The Dragon Inn Chinese Restaurant is for sale on a leasehold basis at PS59,000
Individual interviews with Chinese restaurant owners/operators were conducted to (a) investigate the core CCVs that influence Chinese restaurant operation and food safety training; (b) explore attitudes, past experiences, and barriers related to health inspection and food safety training; and (c) identify the most preferred food safety training method(s).
Meanwhile, B-Side wrote on his blog that he and his friend Jash spent more than three hours looking for an open Chinese restaurant in the Los Angeles area, and at last they had to order take-out Chinese food.
There are also plans for another large Chinese restaurant at the Mermaid Quay leisure and retail scheme in Cardiff Bay.
Wing Wah is the first Chinese restaurant to move into mainstream TV advertising on the ITV network in the Midlands.

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