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(lak′ĕr) [Portuguese lacre, ult. fr Persian lâk, (tree) resin, lac]
A resin or varnish that leaves a tough coating on a surface. It may be impregnated with medication, e.g., in the treatment of diseases of the toenails or fingernails.


n a resin dissolved in a volatile solvent used to create a protective coating on the surface of an object.
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Chinese lacquer wares of this date and quality generally sell for around PS50 a piece.
I was astonished to find that a set of gorgeously decorated toilet boxes, made around 1755 were not Chinese lacquer, but painted tin
At right is one of Ruggiero's personal collections of Chinese lacquer boxes.
It was heavy with swags of scarlet berries, as bright and glossy as Chinese lacquer.
Perhaps the most expensive applied art object was the exceedingly rare and extremely well-preserved 15th-century Chinese lacquer chest from Littleton & Hennessy.
My favourite is "Nabob" with wide-mouthed crimson flowers as shiny as Chinese lacquer.
Sam Fogg show Tibetan manuscripts (29 October-20 November); Priestly and Ferraro open 'Song Ceramics and Works of Art' on 29 October (until 6 November); Knapton Rasti Asian Art have fine jade carving and blue-and-white ceramics; and Ben Janssens Oriental Art devote their show to Chinese lacquer.

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