Chinese herbal medicine

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Chinese herbal medicine

a highly complex system of diagnosis and treatment using medicinal herbs, one of the branches of traditional Chinese medicine. Herbs used range from the nontoxic and rejuvenating, such as ginseng, which are used to support the body's healing system, to highly toxic ones, such as aconite, used in the treatment of disease.
Oriental medicine A therapeutic system that classifies foods and herbs according to 4 natures, 5 flavors, 4 directions, and 12 organs and 12 meridians affected; the term encompasses any of nearly 6,000 medicinal substances that have been used for 5,000 years to treat various illness

Chinese herbal medicine

Patient discussion about Chinese herbal medicine

Q. Which of these meds are better and without any side effect, chemical medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Hi, I want to know which of these medicines are better and without any side effect, chemical medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Can herbal treat all diseases?

A. Hi rohan this question always get me going;;CHINESE MED ARE USED MORE FOR PREVENTION,and like BRANDON said most drugs are made from plants?and ther is NO such thing as a med without side effects.natural is not always true,and herbal refers to (plants).If you have a diseace there is no quick cure,most diseases are controlled by meds---dont be fooled by the HYPE--mrfoot56--peace

Q. Now I have decided to try Chinese medicine. Can herbal medicine help? I’m 28 yrs old male and smoke a lot. I have developed this habit in my college and I wish I could stop this. I need to stop this as it is doing no good for me and I have tried stopping this several times but just could not succeed. I did try several suggested methods and most other remedies, but I could just not stop. Now I have decided to try Chinese medicine. Can herbal medicine help?

A. HELLO,IM mrfoot56--you can try all the meds/herbals you like-BUT-just like any addiction-YOU NEED HELP FROM FAMILY AN FRIENDS/thats how it works.HERE IS A WEB SITE-YOU CAN FIND PEOPLE THERE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM(IN THE ROOMS.COM)________good luck.

Q. Is acupuncture effective. I heard about a Chinese origin treatment called acupuncture. One of my friends who suffer from wheezing tried with this treatment and considers the treatment to be very slow. Is acupuncture effective?

A. NO… It is not effective in the hands of children.
Yes… as long as you are totally honest about your symptoms to your doctor.

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Launched only last year, the school opened to individuals with Science or Medical backgrounds who wish to study acupuncture, or the more comprehensive Chinese traditional medicine practice, including Chinese herbology and other traditional healing techniques.
These include acupuncture, moxibustion (the burning of mugwort leaves near the body), cupping, tuina massage, tai-qi, qi-gong, electrical stimulation and the extensive pharmacopeia of Chinese Herbology.
According to traditional Chinese herbology, red dates can boost energy and clean blood, while black sesame seeds and peanuts are good for the kidney.
There follows an Appendix sans illustrations similarly describing minerals, insects or insect parts used in Chinese herbology.
Medicine (NCCAOM) in acupuncture, Chinese herbology,
Through the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Jon took classes and gained clinical experience He earned a master of science degree in tradition Oriental medicine, took and passed the rigorous examinations required for licensing, and completed requirements for certification in acupuncture and Chinese herbology.
She practices acupuncture, massage therapy, structural integration, and Chinese herbology in New York City.

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