Chinese hamster ovary cells

Chi·nese ham·ster o·va·ry cells

(chī-nēz' ham'stĕr ō'văr-ē selz)
Well-established experimental strain of fibroblasts used in biomedical research.
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Mark Azam, VP of R & D and Operations of HumanZyme added, "Life science to date has been using proteins derived from bacteria and Chinese hamster ovary cells. There is a limit to how much we can understand humans using nonhuman tools," said Li.
Tsai et al., "Colcemid inhibits the rejoining of the nucleotide excision repair of UVC-induced DNA damages in Chinese hamster ovary cells," Mutation Research, vol.
Also, treating the Chinese hamster ovary cells with NAC can effectively inhibit cell apoptosis induced by radiation [19].
(2013) Engineering the cellular protein secretory pathway for enhancement of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells: effects of CERT and XBP1s genes.
A report in Science Translational Medicine suggests that the antibody cocktail used in Ebola virus-infected patients can be further simplified to only two antibodies and that these antibodies can be produced in engineered Chinese hamster ovary cells. Such a cocktail protected nonhuman primates against the virus responsible for the 2014-2015 outbreak up to 3 days after exposure, and combining these antibodies with those specific for other strains may lead to a broad Ebola virus therapy.
Chinese hamster ovary cells were used for production of recombinant UL128 protein and the target protein was obtained through His-Bind Kit (Novagen, Germany).
The Seattle-based Gates Foundation said Friday its $150,000 grant would look at the possibility of using Chinese hamster ovary cells, similar to how many other complex biotechnology drugs are made, Callahan said.
Keywords: Chinese hamster ovary cells, Peptones, Polyethylenimine, Protein production, Transient gene expression
Incubation of cells at low temperature reduces metabolic activities and results low production of interferons by Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (Evelyn et al., 2006: Alireza et al., 2007).
Change of Insulin-like Growth Factor Gene Expression in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Cultured in Serum-free Media.
The study aimed at assessing the protective activity of Cynara scolymus leaf extract (LE) against DNA lesions induced by the alkylating agent ethylmethnesulphonate (EMS) in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO).
Balegno, "2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid influx is mediated by an active transport systemin Chinese hamster ovary cells," Toxicology Letters, vol.

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