Chinese flower

Chinese flower,

n Latin name:
Paederia foetida; parts used: whole plant, roots, leaves; uses: in Ayurveda, balances vata dosha (bitter, heavy), antiinflammatory, anthelmintic, antispasmodic, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, tonic, leaves: herpes, flatulence; roots: emetic, splenitis; precautions: none known. Also called
gandhaprasarini or
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Chinese flower.
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The annual event of "Happy Chinese New Year" and Chinese flower floater in the Flower Parade bring much joy and happiness to the Dutch people.
uk Worn with navy trousers to work or a pair of bootleg jeans for play, a dipped hem Chinese flower shirt will have you looking style savvy for all occasions.
Muifa, named after a Chinese flower, stayed offshore on the Philippine Sea east of the main island of Luzon, but caused heavy rains and rough coastal waters.
He also presented a memento of Chinese flower to Dr.
I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of Chinese teas on offer (different variations of oolong, herbal and Chinese flower tea, Dh12).
In modern society, Tu says symbolic Chinese flower paintings are still interpreted as expressions of specific emotions and are given as gifts to convey a range of sentiments.
Lees peony design draws from the Tang gold and silver ware design and the peony itself is a popular and traditional Chinese flower.
Master practitioner Ho not only provides step-by-step (and stroke-by-stroke) instructions for over 300 characters, along with translations for each, a beautiful gallery of works and a section on Chinese flower painting, but also describes equipment, materials and techniques.
She picks up a pack of long, elegant Chinese flower chives, sniffs them and explains that they add fabulous flavour to dumplings.
If you go back to the earliest times you will find Chinese flower painters using roses and many of them appear on the large porcelain punchbowls exported to the Westwhich were extremely popular.
Among her traditional and contemporary top-of-the-bed collections for the April market is Lampur, inspired by an area in Indonesia, and Lotus Blossom, featuring a classic Chinese flower pattern that is often used in traditional furniture.
Portraits of the queen have been replaced by images of the official Chinese flower, said Jeffrey Cheung, 51, of Thousand Oaks.