wu xing

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wu xing (wōō zhēng),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the fives phases—earth, wood, metal, fire, and water.
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The Chinese elements made it successful in the mainland," he said.
The Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) released two new flavors of lunchbox meals inspired by traditional Chinese elements and Thai cuisine, the Central News Agency reported Friday.
During the week of "Jilin Radio and Television Week," they will broadcast the "Songhua Stone Margin," on September 17th - September 23th as well as, "Chicks Want to Fly" and 10 other programs with strong Chinese elements of the Jilin animated cartoon.
Professor Kan's design blends modern and traditional Chinese elements to represent endless spiritual and cultural significance, as well as furthers the interpretation of the tireless pursuit of education.
The colors have Chinese elements, particularly the red which is considered lucky and I believe in luck.
James Roy of China Market Research says the Chinese elements in Shanghai Disneyland will be appreciated: "Everything is in Chinese, the shows, too; it helps people feel respected.
This will be reflected in Cathay Dragon's approach to contemporary Chinese elements in its design philosophy.
She visited Beijing this year to attend the legal professionals' exchange project and returned home influenced by the Chinese elements of China's legal system.
Chinese elements have livened up the white continent with exotic colors.
We cannot just be spectators and followers but should participate and lead make China's voice heard and inject more Chinese elements into the international rules he said.
The most obvious Chinese elements are of course Gao's use of ink and his improvisatory technique (74-75), which he details:
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