Chinese Jujube

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A perennial shrub, the fruits of which are used for coughs, fatigue, hypertension, insomnia, to increase internal secretions, for malnutrition, to retard ageing, and as a tonic
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In addition, Kyrgyz walnuts and Chinese dates with a total weight of 1.65 tons were tried to import without a phytosanitary certificate confirming the phytosanitary safety of the produce.
Taiding Chairman Lin Jung-tsan (aeae|(r)c|) told CNA that its product and service have not only been ordered by farmers in Nantou and Miaoli counties in Taiwan but also investors in Malaysia, where two farms are being built to grow melons, Chinese dates and durian.
The DPRK sometimes appeared to schedule its missile and nuclear tests on important Chinese dates to spite Beijing.

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