Chinese Jujube

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A perennial shrub, the fruits of which are used for coughs, fatigue, hypertension, insomnia, to increase internal secretions, for malnutrition, to retard ageing, and as a tonic
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According to our research (data not shown), Chinese jujube fruits have low levels of natural oligosaccharides.
In this study, we extracted oligosaccharides through polysaccharide degradation of Chinese jujube. The exact structural information and bioactivities of these oligosaccharides need further study.
This experiment has laid a foundation for further studies on the degradation of jujube polysaccharides and provided a reference for the development of new functional oligosaccharides and a new direction for the development and utilization of Chinese jujube.
Liu, "Chinese Jujube: Botany and Horticulture," Horticultural Reviews, vol.
Maize, brewer's grains, tofu residue, and maize stover silage were obtained from Beijing, while Chinese jujubes, soybean hulls and molasses were purchased from Hebei Province.
In contrast, Chinese jujubes had lower CP and ME, but higher NDF, ADF and sugar content.
The part reason for the higher DMI of PRD and TRD relative to OD is the fast digestion rate of soybean hulls, Chinese jujubes and molasses included for replacement of maize grains in the diet.

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