Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Oriental medicine A therapeutic system that classifies foods and herbs according to 4 natures, 5 flavors, 4 directions, and 12 organs and 12 meridians affected; the term encompasses any of nearly 6,000 medicinal substances that have been used for 5,000 years to treat various illness
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Q. Which of these meds are better and without any side effect, chemical medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Hi, I want to know which of these medicines are better and without any side effect, chemical medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Can herbal treat all diseases?

A. Hi rohan this question always get me going;;CHINESE MED ARE USED MORE FOR PREVENTION,and like BRANDON said most drugs are made from plants?and ther is NO such thing as a med without side effects.natural is not always true,and herbal refers to (plants).If you have a diseace there is no quick cure,most diseases are controlled by meds---dont be fooled by the HYPE--mrfoot56--peace

Q. Now I have decided to try Chinese medicine. Can herbal medicine help? I’m 28 yrs old male and smoke a lot. I have developed this habit in my college and I wish I could stop this. I need to stop this as it is doing no good for me and I have tried stopping this several times but just could not succeed. I did try several suggested methods and most other remedies, but I could just not stop. Now I have decided to try Chinese medicine. Can herbal medicine help?

A. HELLO,IM mrfoot56--you can try all the meds/herbals you like-BUT-just like any addiction-YOU NEED HELP FROM FAMILY AN FRIENDS/thats how it works.HERE IS A WEB SITE-YOU CAN FIND PEOPLE THERE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM(IN THE ROOMS.COM)________good luck.

Q. Is acupuncture effective. I heard about a Chinese origin treatment called acupuncture. One of my friends who suffer from wheezing tried with this treatment and considers the treatment to be very slow. Is acupuncture effective?

A. NO… It is not effective in the hands of children.
Yes… as long as you are totally honest about your symptoms to your doctor.

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Chinese herbal medicines are extensively used in China.
Since Chinese herbal medicine is a very complicated system, the network toxicology, as an important branch of network pharmacology, in terms of safety prediction of CHM, faces three great challenges.
Armouni, head of the department of food supplements at the Health Ministry, says that all imported foodstuffs and drugs are subject to strict safety checks and regulations, but adds that she knows nothing about the status of Chinese herbal medicine or homeopathic herbal remedies.
The authors could find no published randomised controlled trials on the effectiveness of using Chinese herbal medicines in conjunction with IVF treatment.
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A former pesticide salesman Chen Qiyuan cashed in on the resurgence of Chinese herbal medicine and rebranded himself as a 19th generation herbalist, according to
The Introduction comprises 27 pages of the historical development of Chinese herbal medicine, theoretical bases of herbal use and traditional Chinese medicine, and general rules for combining herbal products.
Located on a street corner in Yokohama's Chinatown, Yakumitsu Honpo Ltd., sells honey produced by bees from the nectar of herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine, such as boxthorn and astragalus root.
Tokyo, Japan, May 19, 2006 - (JCN) - Japanese leading kampo (Chinese herbal medicine) manufacturer Tsumura will launch OneTen P-alpha, its proprietary over-the-counter drug, on May 22.
So while doing his internship, he began research into Chinese herbal medicine treatments for cancer patients and a new technique of biochemical biopsy for tumor markers.
Experts from around the world provide recent research and knowledge on Chinese herbal medicine and the use of medicinal plants in prevention and therapies.
NCCAM's history parallels that of the ODS: established by Congress in 1998, the center quickly developed a program of research trials that included studies of herbal products used in traditional medical systems such as Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese herbal medicine. NCCAM also established an Office of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs.

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