Chinese Character Appearance

A visual pattern, which to the occidental eye, simulates Chinese ideographs or kanji, in which a relatively monotonous background is punctuated by short, curved, well-circumscribed, and complex densities
Dermatology A pattern of blisters in incontinentia pigmenti—Bloch-Sulzberger and Goltz-Gorlin syndromes—which appears at birth in bizarre linear arrays, almost always in women, associated with congenital ocular and cerebral defects and severe neurologic sequelae; skin lesions heal by crusting, leaving a ‘splashed’ appearance
Microbiology A descriptive term referring to the loosely cohesive clustering of Corynebacterium colonies seen by light microscopy, which may also have a ‘picket fence’ arrangement
(1) A term of art referring to the haphazardly arranged trabeculae in woven and immature bone, seen by light microscopy of fibrous dysplasia
(2) A term of art referring to the delicate branching vessels and loosely cohesive neoplastic cells best seen by low-power light microscopy of touch preps in solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms, which are most commonly seen in younger women. Other histological findings include hyaline globules, foam cells and cholesterol clefts. The neoplastic cells also often delicately permeate into adjacent pancreatic parenchyma
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