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member of the Chinchillidae family of the order Rodentia.

Chinchilla brevicaudata
called also short-tailed chinchilla.


1. small, South American rodent, valued for its silver-gray fur. Called also Chinchilla laniger.
2. a breed of cat; see chinchilla cat.
3. a breed of rabbit; see chinchilla rabbit.
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Priority development activities include starting the earthworks projects at Chinchillas, releasing construction contracts and starting construction activities at Pirquitas, and pioneering works for pre-stripping at the Chinchillas deposit.
To abandon these chinchillas like this is extremely irresponsible and cruel.
Chinchillas can be prone to having fits caused by low calcium levels in the blood.
The animals were divided into three groups, of 12 chinchillas each, according to age as follows: Group I (2-6-month-old), Group II (20-34-month-old) and Group III (37-135- month-old).
For those who don't know what a chinchilla is, they're attractive rodents with powerful hind legs, long tails and distinctive, big ears.
Segun hemos podido investigar, existieron capturas de chinchillas altiplanicas en 1959, residentes del interior de Calama (Region de Antofagasta) regalaron al Sr.
I thought one of the chinchillas was dead on its side, and black, but when I did the hoovering it was up and about.
He knew the breed would be a hit, but the standard Chinchilla was just too small.
Para evaluar los efectos de las AF en las chinchillas se utilizaron un total de 20 animales machos de entre 6 y 11 semanas de edad, los cuales se distribuyeron aleatoriamente en 5 grupos experimentales de 4 animales cada uno de manera que no se presentaran diferencias significativas en el peso corporal promedio entre los diferentes grupos.
The adoption fee is $225 for all three chinchillas and includes a certificate for a free vet exam.
Chinchillas don't generally like interacting with humans but he just loves to fall asleep on your lap.
Sy gaan op in die chinchillas, die bou van 'n huis, afrekening met die verlede en haar innerlike heelword met behulp van Mirjam.