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member of the Chinchillidae family of the order Rodentia.

Chinchilla brevicaudata
called also short-tailed chinchilla.


1. small, South American rodent, valued for its silver-gray fur. Called also Chinchilla laniger.
2. a breed of cat; see chinchilla cat.
3. a breed of rabbit; see chinchilla rabbit.
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THE ALL YOU NEWS LATEST Chinchillas are classed by the IUCN as Critically Endangered in the wild and current estimates stand at around 10,000 remaining.
Being a small animal, chinchillas require minimal amounts of food and water, so maintenance costs are also generally low.
There were five different types of mice in the room as well as the gerbils, rats, rabbits, chinchillas and sugar gliders, many of which were turned black.
The eight-month-old grey chinchilla was believed to have been taken by two teenage lads.
Ursula is a 4-year-old female chinchilla with classic gray and white fur and brown eyes.
Chinchillas don't generally like interacting with humans but he just loves to fall asleep on your lap.
Sy gaan op in die chinchillas, die bou van 'n huis, afrekening met die verlede en haar innerlike heelword met behulp van Mirjam.
Freddie the green parrot, a cute chinchilla and entertaining pigs were all on display at the college.
The chinchilla, Padagonian cavy and Savannah cat were also off limits to the kids' embraces, but they didn't seem to mind.
Many people remember the American Chinchilla, the famous "chin-chins" of the 1930s.
1 mg/ml of ciprofloxacin to the round window membrane (RWM) of 16 chinchilla ears for a mean of 75 minutes.
According to the most recent figures from animal control, over 5,000 wild animals were seized from city homes last year, including alligators, pigs and chinchillas.