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(ver-mil'yŏn), [C.I. 77766]
A red pigment made from cinnabar or red mercuric sulfide.
Synonym(s): vermillion
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Warwick China Red struggled to get five fit and available players to their two games in consecutive evenings, and almost had to cry off their visit to Arden, but at least they completed their fixture the previous night at Tamworth, whereas Cracovia Stratford called off in their final game when they were due to host Trojans 1.
-- Chef Jiayin Zhu, China Red, Le Meridien Cairo Airport
China Red opened less than six months ago and boasts the first fully air-conditioned twotier food belt in the UK.
The China Red was a three course set meal including starters of kimbo sauce spare rib, spring roll, sesame prawns meat on toast, curried chicken samosa, skewered chicken in black bean sauce, before having rather confusingly crispy aromatic duck, served with pancakes, leeks, cucumber and hoi sin sauce as a second course.
Police are investigating the attack at the China Red nightclub in the Ladywood area of Birmingham.
And China red wrote: "It sounds like a good idea, education sets people free.
On March 30, the Chinese Embassy, on behalf of the China Red Cross Society, donated $30,000 to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society for residents blocked in Hunza.
China Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co Ltd earlier this week said that the energy drink was "safe for consumption" on the Chinese mainland.
This latest contribution follows Avon's earlier donations of $500,000 to the China Red Cross, $98,000 in personal donations from Avon sales promoters; $86,000 of supplies and provisions and $68,000 in personal donations from Avon China Associates to the China Red Cross Foundation and the Guangdong Charity Foundation.
You sit in comfortable and supportive chairs covered in special carbon and china red leather upholstery.
For three years, the 32-year-old University of Liverpool graduate has run her own retail business, China Red, selling Chinese gifts in St John's Shopping Centre.

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