China White

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A synthetic or ‘designer’ drug of abuse first developed as a short acting anesthetic; CW is an opioid 1,000 times more potent than morphine, and an analogue of MPPP, a neurotoxin that destroys dopaminergic neurons, resulting in severe, irreversible, progressive parkinsonism
Desired effects Rapid pain relief, euphoria
Adverse effects Parkinsonism, slowed speech, impaired gait, muscle spasms, respiratory depression; spasms of intercostal muscles may cause death
Withdrawal symptoms Similar to heroin
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But she said 'China White', which was seen in Britain in the 80s but is not common today, is white and twice as strong.
Heroin: Typically administered via injection or smoked, sometimes heroin is called Candy, H, Smack, China White, Dope, Junk, Big H, Mexican Brown, Brown Sugar, Mud, Dragon, Horse, Skag, Scag, Skunk, Black Tar, China White, Boy and Thunder.
A powerful synthetic heroin called China White killed 18 in Pittsburgh in 1988.
This was also found in CHINA WHITE, a product meant to be similar to cocaine, a gram of which was sold to us for PS20.
Oliver gets into a heated battle with China White and her new partner, the Bronze Tiger, over the supplies.
DARK RONIN Films believes in “making films that matter and that make a difference.” DARK RONIN film projects currently in development include: CHINA WHITE, REMINISCE, HOUSE OF ADELYN, THE BATTLE OF RIPCORD, AND WE WAIT, SU CASA, BUFFALO, THE RIGHT, THE BATTLE OF RIPCORD, AND WE WAIT, NEW HOPE and POLITICO.
And Tulisa is sobbing more than Cheryl Cole peeling an onion while watching Ashley Cole pull a blonde at China White. Only Gary and Kelly are delivering any nuggets of interest, but not enough to carry the show.
. THERE are no ritzy sets or big cash prizes, and the winners rarely go on to fall out of The Ivy or China White, trailed by hordes of paparazzi, but despite that, Mastermind (BBC2, 7.30pm) has gone on to become one of Britain''s best-loved quiz shows.
China white was last seen in Britain in the 1980s before smuggling routes in South East Asia and Iran were stopped.
If there's anything more sought-after than a platinum entry card to Glasgow club China White, it's a classy platinum cut and colourKeep blonde hair vibrant and bright with Andrew Collinge's Salon Solutions Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.
"We have modelled Sanctuary on China White, an exclusive club which attracts celebrities, and are aiming it at professional people who enjoy a quality night out.

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