China Syndrome

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Public health An American term for an incident at a nuclear power station in which a reactor core melts the ground under the reactor, figuratively burrowing its way to China, named after the Hollywood movie of the same name. See Three-Mile Island
Vox populi Current business-speak for relocating manufacturing operations to China to reduce labour costs
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This is one reason why big business and business executives are regularly made the villains (see The China Syndrome, Broadcast News, and Erin Brockovich, among many) in film and television features produced by major media companies.
She describes the movie as a cross between ``Twister'' and ``The China Syndrome.
The Asian American Journalists Association thinks editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant has some sort of China syndrome, and it doesn't like it.
The actor, film producer, and man in the life of Catherine Zeta Jones, has apparently been interested in nuclear issues since he appeared in the power station disaster movie The China Syndrome 20 years ago.
Devine goes in for this intense TV preparation because "it worried me in The China Syndrome when Jack Lemmon couldn't get his point across to Jane Fonda before they killed him.
Ironically, during the 1970s a China syndrome was commonly held to be the worst possible reactor accident.
When it comes to memorials, however, a mere physical imprint can't compare to Fonda's body of work, which includes such iconic films as Cat Ballou, Barbarella, Klute, The China Syndrome and On Golden Pond.
Environmental-message movies are nothing new, though they tend to cluster around the issue of the day, whether it's nuclear negligence ("The China Syndrome," "Silkwood"), legal justice for people lethally poisoned by companies ("Erin Brockovich," "A Civil Action"), animal preservation ("Gorillas in the Mist," "Never Cry Wolf") or the disappearing rainforest ("The Emerald Forest," "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest").
Later came an Oscar-winning performance playing the call girl stalked by a homicidal maniac in Klute (1971) and other successful films included the spoof Western Cat Ballou (1965), the post-Vietnam melodrama Coming Home (1978) that brought her another Oscar , the thriller The China Syndrome (1979) and the family drama On Golden Pond (1981) that saw her reunited on screen with her father.

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