China Syndrome

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Public health An American term for an incident at a nuclear power station in which a reactor core melts the ground under the reactor, figuratively burrowing its way to China, named after the Hollywood movie of the same name. See Three-Mile Island
Vox populi Current business-speak for relocating manufacturing operations to China to reduce labour costs
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(It was the fear of a meltdown that had given The China Syndrome its tide, from the hypothetical idea of a radioactive reactor core melting down through the reactor's steel-reinforced containment floor and penetrating the Earth's crust, all the way to the other side of the planet.)
When she wasn't agitating, Fonda was starring in a long run of zeitgeisty films besides Barbarello, Klute, and The China Syndrome. A partial list includes Cat Ballou; They Shoot Horses, Don't They?; Julia; Coming Home; 9 to 5; and On Golden Pond.
In 1979 fiction mimicked reality in the film China Syndrome: three weeks after the Three Mile Island nuclear "accident" this film was released, as if orchestrated by a higher energy source.
I'm old Golden Pond (with father Henry), Nine To Five, The Morning After and The China Syndrome, only Fonda knows.
THE CHINA SYNDROME. "The Chinese are starting to come back into the market strong," says Bernie Schilberg, Prime Materials Recovery, Hartford, Conn.
I read your publisher's note "China Syndrome" in the June 2004 issue and was very impressed with what was going on there.
The China syndrome extended into 2001: When Bush apologized to Beijing for the shooting down of a Chinese plane that spring, Kristol and Robert Kagan complained in The Weekly Standard that the president had brought a "profound national humiliation" upon the United States and enjoined it to rescind China's trade benefits.
The so-called 'China Syndrome' has become a major issue of debate in Finland as more and more Finnish companies announce plans to move production to the Far East, reported the Finnish news agency STT.
Same deal with human sexuality: Take it out of the radioactive container of marriage and you've got an adulterous and homosexual China syndrome that "produces destruction and death."
Fears of the so-called "China Syndrome" are probably exaggerated and dire predictions of the immediate demise of the maquiladora industries in Mexico are greatly exaggerated, not to mention clearly premature.
furniture makers has been hit strong by this trend, which I call the 'China Syndrome.'"

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