Sliding Genioplasty

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A type of maxillofacial surgery used to change the position (‘size’) of the chin bone, which entails horizontal sectioning of the mandible and sliding it forward (it can also be slid backward for those whose chin is 'too big', but this is rarely a problem), then anchoring it in place with titanium screws
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Although Champy et al., (1978) concluded that cortical support is enough to maintain the stability of the screws installed in the case of fractures, it has been described that in the case of genioplasty for chin advancement (Park et al.; Van Sickels et al., 1994) it is possible that the muscle package inserted in the lingual cortical bone may exert sufficient pressure to cause traction and recurrences of the procedure; in this sense, 2 mm in cortical bone in the buccal side could be not sufficient for plate support.
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