Chilly Climate

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An environment that dampens women’s self-esteem, confidence, aspirations and their participation in a particular activity—e.g., academics, sports, politics, etc.
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These numbers continue to decline for postgraduate work and employment, with many arguing that the chilly climate is to blame (Blickenstaff, 2005).
They believed that the chilly climate described by Hall and Sandler (1984, 1991) was a reality at Mountview.
It has advocated over the years on a number of relevant issues and through various media, including a video created in 1986: Breaking the Trust (sexual harassment); helping to establish in 1988-89 the UWO Standing Committee on Employment Equity which developed a Report Card on Employment Equity, followed by the more controversial Chilly Climate Report.
Being conversant with the Pinot Noir, we know it drinks better as a fabulous chilled rose than an out-and-out red, hardly surprising for the chilly climate this far from the coast in mid Wales.
Previously those weather stations had contributed data from measurements of Russia's rather chilly climate to the global temperature record.
This can translate into not only a chilly climate for conservatives but in some cases outright hostility.
Undeterred by the chilly climate, Friedman's London slate for spring includes the first major production of Harold Pintefs early "The Dumb Waiter" in 40 years and a revival of Marc Camoletti's farce "Boeing-Boeing."
The smaller redwing may come over from Europe or fly down from the chilly climate of Iceland.
By introducing the labels "classroom climate" and "chilly climate," Hall and Sandler (1982) named a problem that had long existed but had remained largely invisible.
One idea: Since the animals had become so adapted (adjusted) to a chilly climate, their bodies were no longer able to cope with the heat of an interglacial period.
Some of these reasons are: chilly climate of the academy for members of minority groups, endeavors at marginality and undermining of minority faculty research and teaching, excessive teaching loads and service assignments, unrealistic work expectations, social isolation, and unsupportive work environment.