Chilly Climate

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An environment that dampens women’s self-esteem, confidence, aspirations and their participation in a particular activity—e.g., academics, sports, politics, etc.
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While there was talk of conciliation, no major breakthrough in Washington's chilly climate is expected soon.
Had this been the 80s, you would not have been surprised to see an occasional graffito targeting his choice, and the common goodwill for his success might have perished in the chilly climate of mutual tribal paranoia.
But don't blame the weather, unless you mean the chilly climate in Washington.
His training in Austria starts at 8am, when the chilly climate warms up to approximately 20 degrees Celsius.
Sales are easier in northern Europe and in the North of England and Scotland where the typically rich, fruity wines made by Donnafugata bring a bit of Mediterranean warmth to our chilly climate.
Chinese experts are visiting this week to advise on romantic touches get the pair in the mood to mate but they believe Scotland's chilly climate is the best aphrodisiac.
The STEM environment is often characterized as a chilly climate, which tends to be male-dominated, highly impersonal, and individualistic (Foster et al.
Some of the North American contributions to this discussion, from various disciplinary and experiential perspectives, include: Academic Women (Bernard, 1964), Coming of Age in Academe: Rekindling Women's hopes and reforming the Academy, (Martin, 2000), Breaking Anonymity: The Chilly Climate for Women Faculty, (The Chilly Collective, 1995), and York Stories: Women in Higher Education, (The York Stories Collective, 2000).
Even positive comments, such as, "The women in this class are much more responsible and they all turn in their assignments on time," can create a chilly climate, especially since it is likely to be untrue for all females and likely to be true for some males.
The district had chilly climate and students were faced with much problems.
Being conversant with the Pinot Noir, we know it drinks better as a fabulous chilled rose than an out-and-out red, hardly surprising for the chilly climate this far from the coast in mid Wales.
Previously those weather stations had contributed data from measurements of Russia's rather chilly climate to the global temperature record.