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[AS. clath, cloth]
Wearing apparel; used both functionally and decoratively. From the medical standpoint, clothes conserve heat or protect the body (e.g., gloves, sunhelmets, and shoes). Air spaces in a fabric and its texture, rather than the material alone, conserve heat. In matted woolen fabrics, the air spaces are destroyed and insulation is lost. Wool and silk absorb more moisture than other fabrics, but silk loses it more readily. Cotton and linen come next, but linen loses moisture more quickly than cotton. Knitted fabrics absorb and dry more readily than woven fabrics of the same material. The temperature inside an individual's hat may vary from 13° to 20°F (7° to 11°C) warmer than the outside temperature.

adapted clothing

Garments designed with special features, such as Velcro closures, to enable persons with disabilities to dress themselves without assistance.
See: clo; hypothermia
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However, it wasn't until they spotted a gap in the market for designer children's clothing and accessories that they branched out to establish the firm's credentials in the fashion world.
The post Authorities to check children's clothing shops for hidden dangers appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
SGS summarizes the requirements for azo dyes and formaldehyde content in fabrics for baby and children's clothing in a recently published news article.
Quote recon number, 110/09, in connection with the mattress theft, 112/09 for the children's clothing, and 103/09 for the theft of the Berghaus trousers.
The toymaker already had a presence in the children's clothing market, mainly in clothes for elementary schoolchildren.
Daniel Cook's thought-provoking examination of the children's clothing industry in the United States sheds new light on the development of children's consumer culture in the twentieth century.
"I aim to sell quality children's clothing at affordable prices, catering for newborn through to 16 years old as well as smaller baby equipment, toys and knitted collections.
Ever since CPSC revised its children's clothing flammability standard, there have been outcries that children are not being protected from accidental injury caused by fire.
Principals and teachers were told that the purpose of the study was to observe children's clothing practices and their interactions during class.
"Designer children's clothing is timeless and can be handed down from generation to generation long after high street clothing has had its day.
Upstairs, Dad continues to run one of the few remaining independent children's clothing stores on Main Street, USA.

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