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[AS. clath, cloth]
Wearing apparel; used both functionally and decoratively. From the medical standpoint, clothes conserve heat or protect the body (e.g., gloves, sunhelmets, and shoes). Air spaces in a fabric and its texture, rather than the material alone, conserve heat. In matted woolen fabrics, the air spaces are destroyed and insulation is lost. Wool and silk absorb more moisture than other fabrics, but silk loses it more readily. Cotton and linen come next, but linen loses moisture more quickly than cotton. Knitted fabrics absorb and dry more readily than woven fabrics of the same material. The temperature inside an individual's hat may vary from 13° to 20°F (7° to 11°C) warmer than the outside temperature.

adapted clothing

Garments designed with special features, such as Velcro closures, to enable persons with disabilities to dress themselves without assistance.
See: clo; hypothermia


artificial covering for protection or decoration or as a livery.

animal clothing
includes rugs for cattle and horses and for Sharlea sheep in sheds. For dogs there is a great variety of decorative clothing limited only by the imagination of the owner. Pleasure horses are also likely to have a wardrobe of rugs including a lightweight cooling-off rug and a waterproof mackintosh, a hood to cover the head and neck, a cap to cover the head only, hoof boots of various sorts, protective leg bandages, a tail sock and eye goggles.
protective clothing
for the veterinarian; this includes coveralls, rubber knee boots, rubber or plastic sleeves and gloves, obstetric gowns, surgical gowns, caps, masks and overshoes.
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Only one factory specialized in children's clothes before 1890, and mass merchandisers often stocked children's clothing with adult clothing in various departments throughout the store.
They plan to form a buying cooperative with Main Street children's clothing stores in other towns and have already drafted a customer survey to help them better understand local needs.
said Tuesday that it will develop and produce a new line of children's clothing for The Walt Disney Co.
Anyone who shops at high-end department stores and specialty boutiques for children's clothing knows how expensive popular labels can be.
New collaboration integrates Disney brands with China's leading online children's clothing brand
If hefty price tags in high-end department stores and boutiques leave you admiring instead of buying infant and children's clothing, you'll find that K.
MINNEAPOLIS -- (Grassroots Newswire) -- A few loose threads here, a hole to patch there; children's clothing doesn't seem to last.
Gottschalks and Harris each offers men's, women's and children's clothing as well as home accessories.
Sandbox Couture, the Upscale On-Line Children's Clothing and Accessories Boutique, today announced it will for the first time, carry selections from the Lyla Blu Fall Collection.
Lindex's business areas are Lingerie, Ladies' Wear and Children's Clothing.

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