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Analgesics (Internal/Liquids) Total Dollar Sales: $273.5 mil.(-7.3%)* Private Label Dollar Sales: $186.2 mil.(+72.2%)* Growth Brands Brand Manufacturer Dollar % Sales Growth Children's Advil Pfizer $27,224,430 +461.7% Triaminic Novartis Consumer Health 12,605,600 N/A Pediacare Blacksmith Brands 11,452,620 N/A Infants' Advil Pfizer 6,854,952 N/A Little Fevers Prestige Brands Holdings 4,229,485 N/A * Dollar sales through food, drug and discount stores (excluding Walmart) for the 52 weeks ended July 10.2011.
Wyeth also offers Children's Advil Cold for cold relief and Infant's Advil concentrated drops for children between the ages of six months and 23 months.
To help parents monitor medications Whitehall-Robins has developed the Children's Advil child care kit.
In less than a year it launched the adult analgesic Orudis KT, the acid reducer Axid AR, and the pediatric analgesic and fever reducer Children's Advil Suspension.
One player in this area, Whitehall-Robins Healthcare, rolled out Children's Advil last summer, offering an effective cold treatment with a fruit flavor that is well received by youngsters.

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