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* Parental child-rearing practices scale: This scale was developed to yield two scores.
There is mixed support in the literature for Kohn's (1977) model, with Wright and Wright (1976), Xiao (2000) and Starks and Robinson (2005) claiming there are numerous variables influencing child-rearing beliefs.
2) How do the ubiquitous hybrid families influence child-rearing practices?
If the DPJ presents an idea more drastic than the current one, for instance, in talks concerning the modification of child-rearing allowances, the opposition parties are obliged to try to discuss this proactively.
Families living in the urban South and rural areas have the lowest child-rearing expenses.
To augment the child-rearing willingness among working women, the Ministry of Interior will promote "family-friendly enterprise program" in the near future, encouraging domestic enterprises to offer flexible working hours, set up in-house nurseries, and encourage parental leave.
In a speech to the Demos think tank in London, he complained that current attitudes towards child-rearing belonged in the Edwardian era and had no place in the 21st century.
Darcia Narvaez of the University of Notre Dame says her three studies show a relationship between child-rearing practices common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies and better mental health, greater empathy, conscience development and higher intelligence in children.
Child-rearing in the communities they studied remains highly traditional.
MANY people over pensionable age do not have "all the time in the world"; some volunteer their time to good causes, some are still working and others are busy helping their grown-up offspring with child-rearing and other day-time chores.
Sue Allchurch, of Yorks-based alcohol treatment centre Lynwode Manor Group, said: "Holidays are a catalyst that goes with child-rearing or keeping your career or relationship going."