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But Katrina warns some three-year-old children can open child-proof caps in seconds, so parents and grandparents should keep medicines and cleaning products in a locked or high cupboard.
Some three and four-year-olds can open child-proof caps in seconds'
The 60s saw the invention of the push down and twist child-proof cap that is still confounding children today (see page 50).
The result is a fun, colourful, fashionable design that's both comfortable and robust and remains as child-proof as we can make it:' Brulimar will be exhibiting the range during Optrafair (April 4-6).
Leading over-the-counter drug companies will voluntarily add child-resistant packaging to cough/cold products for which it is not currently required, and they will consider new child-proof package designs to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association said.
Lots of older adults insist that most child-proof packages are not child-proof at all, but may indeed be adult-proof.
DampRid Super Absorbing System from Radius Product Development is the first spill-proof, child-proof, refillable product that prevents mold and mildew, reduces the musty odors they cause and reduces the allergens that trigger asthma and skin and eye irritation.
The company's website says the desk is manufactured from a proprietary blend of child-proof materials, is ergonomically designed to fit the shape of the human body and create a proper working surface and it can comfortably accommodate both a notebook and a textbook.
Once the legislation is in place, the member states will have four months to adopt the legislation and the industry will have a further six months to modify their production chains to make their lighters child-proof.
Tracey Hirst, the mother of a four-year-old who fractured his skull after falling 15ft from an upstairs window, is calling on Kirklees Council to make the openings more child-proof.
Menter Plant Manod hope to make the council-owned field, in Blaenau Ffestniog, more secure and child-proof while also introducing more facilities for youngsters of all ages.
The Safety Literacy for Migrant Farm Worker Families program goes beyond education to preventive action through the distribution and installation of child-proof locks in migrant housing.