Child-Resistant Packaging

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Packaging defined by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) as that which is ‘difficult...for children under age five to open, but not difficult for normal adults to use properly’
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Pollen Gear is a supplier of premium child-resistant packaging to the cannabis industry and is credited with creating the category.
Although substantially decreased, ED visits for pediatric ingestions of buprenorphine/naloxone were not eliminated after widespread adoption of unit-dose, child-resistant packaging. One explanation might be that some patients using buprenorphine/naloxone for medication-assisted treatment divide doses rather than consuming the entire unit, leaving unused partial doses accessible to children.
Safety experts recommend the same measures for commercially available marijuana products that are now used to protect children from medicines and dangerous household chemicals, including requirements for child-resistant packaging and packaging that is not see-through.
These findings led the study's authors to recommend warning labels and child-resistant packaging, especially for edible marijuana products that resemble candy.
The regulations include protocols for testing marijuana, what types of edibles should be allowed, requirements for child-resistant packaging, how much criminal history is too much to get a license, and what types of security systems pot shops and growers should have.
Energizer also has the world's first mercury-free hearing aid battery and has upgraded to child-resistant packaging on its 20 mm coin lithium batteries.
A random study of 100 different detergents available in major supermarkets in Abu Dhabi, carried out by Haad, revealed that 38 per cent of the items were corrosive, of which 16 per cent were not in child-resistant packaging. Only 58 per cent had "keep away from children" warning in Arabic while 68 per cent had the warning in English.
Leading over-the-counter drug companies will voluntarily add child-resistant packaging to cough/cold products for which it is not currently required, and they will consider new child-proof package designs to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association said.
"We encourage all parents and caregivers to please use child-resistant packaging and keep all household products and medicines locked up, out of sight, and out of reach of young children," said v.p.
Demand for CRCs will continue to be fueled by regulatory requirements enacted in 2002 which have expanded the range of products requiring child-resistant packaging. Unit gains will continue to be driven by the penetration of closure-intensive plastic packaging at the expense of closureless containers like metal cans.
State-of-the-art contract packaging facilities produce all types of blister packaging, including cold form blisters; specialized microdose blister and pouch filling of powders and liquids; tamper-resistant and child-resistant packaging; bottle filling; strip and pouch packaging of tablets, capsules, and powders; cartoning; hand-assembly; refrigerated storage.
Of particular concern are the lack of child-resistant packaging used in these products, prenatal and perinatal exposure, and the effects of long-term supplement use.