Child-Resistant Packaging

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Packaging defined by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) as that which is ‘difficult...for children under age five to open, but not difficult for normal adults to use properly’
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"Nonetheless, even despite opaque and tamper-proof and child-proof packaging requirements, we still saw little kids getting into the products and having some bad experiences."
The Maine Legislature will have nine months to create rules and regulations for the recreational industry, including guidelines for child-proof packaging, restricting advertising to minors and licensing.
Even child-proof packaging and low potency, however, would not control the most important variable in the safety equation: adults who buy marijuana products.
They also are forging licensing deals with makers of potsmoking accessories and cannabis-containing products such as skincare, food and beverages, child-proof packaging, dispensers, and the like.
Tighter controls are also needed in making sure that all tablets are in child-proof packaging.