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Denotes packaging designed to prevent injury to children, refers particularly to medicines and household chemicals.
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Designed to prevent injury to children; used esp. of medicine containers that children cannot open.
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"If you are entertaining small children, be sure to 'child proof' your party environment."
Dr Noel Horgan and colleagues at the hospital have called for packaging of the tablets to be made child proof.He wrote: "Alkali eye injuries are potentially the most severe form of chemical eye injury.
A FRIEND was explaining to her grand-daughter aged five why she couldn't open a child proof bottle.The child quickly got the concept but just as quickly added: "How does the bottle know it is me trying to open it?" - Margaret Rosser, Paisley
For end users who have teenage children, MMC Depot recommends that dispensaries offer products like CRRXWear containers by CoolJarz in their inventory of child proof containers.
Yorkhill accident and emergency consultant Dori Doraiswamy warned: "It is wrong to think pill bottles are child proof. They are child resistant, which is different."
“Not everyone who uses marijuana products may need the ultimate security of a product like CRRXWear, that is why we also offer other child resistant packaging which meet all state requirements for tamper resistant, child proof containers,” Zussman said.
If your ideal garden contains a pond, the pond will need to be child proofed. Alternatively, why not excavate a small sandpit in your garden.

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