Child Murder

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The killing of a child under age five by another person
Frequency 3/1,000,000/year, US; 4th most common cause of death in preschool children; 1/1,000,000/year, UK
Perpetrator 61–78% parents; other relatives; strangers/paedophiles; rarely other children
Background Child abuse; punishment that escalated out of control; paedophilia, lust murder
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Two police forces which let double child murderer Ian Huntley slip through the net are bracing themselves for fierce criticism in scathing reports out today.
QUESTIONS: Sir Michael Bichard (left) is heading up the inquiry into how child murderer Ian Huntley (right) got a job as a school caretaker despite a string of sex allegations
A child murderer committed suicide in prison yesterday - the eve of his release.
A CONVICTED child murderer said yesterday a fellow inmate told him Amanda Knox had nothing to do with the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher.
In 2005, police interviewed child murderer Robert Black but have now been told there is insufficient evidence.
Maxine Carr, 27, the former girlfriend of the Soham child murderer was transferred from HMP Foston Hall, near Derby, yesterday before being released fully on licence at the end of the week.
THE school where child murderer Ian Huntley worked as a caretaker is today named as one of the best in England.
The school where child murderer Ian Huntley worked as a caretaker was yesterday named as one of the best in England by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).
And child murderer Ian Brady, making his first public appearance for 50 years, whines that his crimes were "petty" compared to what politicians and soldiers do.
Spencer Payne, 44, from Essex, posted a message on Facebook saying his neighbour was child murderer Robert Thompson.
CHILD murderer Jon Venables is desperate to become a DAD and is obsessed with TV shows about childbirth.
Senior officers at Wakefield prison in West Yorkshire have been warned to expect the Soham child murderer to move back in the next few days.

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