Child Labour

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Gainful employment of a child under age 17 in a workplace that employs adults functioning in equal or similar capacities, in agriculture, factories, the service sector, mines, etc.
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The ILO explained that jobs for adults and youth of legal working age with a fair income and security, would discourage many households from resorting to child labour to meet basic needs or to deal with economic uncertainty.
The World Day against Child Labour this year focussed on the impact of conflicts and disasters on child labour.
As part of this project, the National Institute of Statistics has started a national survey on child labour based on a sample of 15 thousand families and the results will be published in September 2017.
The government introduced the Child Labour Act 1992 with the provision of three months prison for employing an underage child.
UNICEF helps countries develop and implement comprehensive programmes to address child labour, from the legal and policy framework, to increasing government capacity, to promoting positive social change and challenging cultural norms which underpin child labour.
Globally, there are approximately 215 million children trapped in child labour, of which 115 million are in hazardous work.
The labour department's National Child Labour Committee (NCLC) and the ILO called for the inclusion of child-labour related questions during surveys for the government to help get the real profile of worst forms of child labour (in the Philippines) as defined by ILO Convention 182, said Baldoz, adding, "These questions were not asked during surveys made from 1995 to 2001.
Family size, schooling and child labour in Peru: an empirical analysis," Journal of Population Economics, 10, pp.
He was addressing a children fair organised by the Child Labour Unit of the Punjab Labour Department on the occasion of the World Day against Child Labour.
PESHAWAR, June 12 -- The provincial government has prepared an action plan for elimination of the menace of child labour in different phases and in the first phase hazardous child labour would be abolished in the province.
It promotes the Western concept of an ideal childhood and, "with a view to achieving the total abolition of child labour," the absolute minimum age was decided to be fifteen years (Article 2).

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