Child Murder

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The killing of a child under age five by another person
Frequency 3/1,000,000/year, US; 4th most common cause of death in preschool children; 1/1,000,000/year, UK
Perpetrator 61–78% parents; other relatives; strangers/paedophiles; rarely other children
Background Child abuse; punishment that escalated out of control; paedophilia, lust murder
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STAFF at the high security hospital holding child killer Ian Brady are to go on strike after two guards were sacked for using a slipper while facing a violent patient.
CHILD killer Robert Black has smirked in the face of detectives quizzing him about a missing girl.
Child killer works on garden project as Child killer works on garden project as he prepares for freedom
They range from clarifying, simplifying, and standardizing definitions to using child killer case reviews for learning more about perpetrator and victim patterns of killings to increase gun safety education and legislation for adults and children.
Predictably, the liberal defenders of a show full of routine repugnance--including Chris Ofili's dung and porn-adorned Madonna, a portrait of child killer Myra Hindley made with children's handprints, Damien Hirst's rotting cow's head, and a bisected pig suspended in formaldehyde (try hanging that over your sofa
The child killer was only rescued after prison officers at Wakefield Jail ran to his aid and rushed him to hospital where his face had to be stitched up.
Perhaps the national media should do as the local West Midlands media do regarding the Walsall-born, 1960s Cannock Chase child killer Raymond Morris - just ignore him and mention his name as little as possible.
CHILD killer Robert Black could be linked to a number of unsolved murders, a crime expert will claim on television tonight.
The triple child killer is accused of abducting and murdering nine-year-old Jennifer Cardy in Northern Ireland 30 years ago.
A JUDGE has called for an urgent review of systems at high-security prisons after hearing how a psychopathic inmate slashed Soham child killer Ian Huntley across the neck and then killed another child murderer at a second jail near York.
CHILD killer Jon Venables broke down in tears when he told prison staff how his girlfriend lost their baby.
A CHILD killer took to the stand at the appeal hearing of Amanda Knox yesterday, claiming he could clear the American student of killing her British roommate.

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