Child Murder

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The killing of a child under age five by another person
Frequency 3/1,000,000/year, US; 4th most common cause of death in preschool children; 1/1,000,000/year, UK
Perpetrator 61–78% parents; other relatives; strangers/paedophiles; rarely other children
Background Child abuse; punishment that escalated out of control; paedophilia, lust murder
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CHILD killer Jon Venables is planning to get married when he gets out of prison, it was reported last night.
CHILD killer Ian Huntley claims in a report fellow prisoners tried to kill him by slashing his throat in a second attempt on his life.
Taxpayers also paid PS350,000 to defend child killer Robert Black in just one murder trial.
A SOUTHPORT-BORN child killer who committed "exceptionally horrific crimes" has been denied parole from prison.
AN inquest into the death of child killer Robert Howard, who died at HMP Frankland, will be held next week.
Good to see another child killer, Robert Black, dying in prison, too.
Child killer works on garden project as Child killer works on garden project as he prepares for freedom
CHILD killer Mark Bridger, who abducted and murdered five-year-old April Jones, has been attacked in prison.
CHILD killer Mark Bridger has been moved to a jail with some of Britain's most dangerous men.
TWO men charged with the murder of a Huddersfield child killer in jail are due to appear in court.
Summary: Tokyo: Japan has hanged a child killer and two other convicted murderers, its first executions .
SERIAL child killer Robert Black's past was wrongly revealed to a jury who found him guilty of kidnapping and murdering, an appeal court heard yesterday.

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