Child Murder

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The killing of a child under age five by another person
Frequency 3/1,000,000/year, US; 4th most common cause of death in preschool children; 1/1,000,000/year, UK
Perpetrator 61–78% parents; other relatives; strangers/paedophiles; rarely other children
Background Child abuse; punishment that escalated out of control; paedophilia, lust murder
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It comes second in low child mortality and low child homicide rate.
Child homicide rate (deaths per 100,000 populated aged 0-19) for the country is 1.4.
US media indicated that ratings were determined by measuring average performance in eight different criteria, namely the under-five mortality rate, malnutrition affecting growth, out-of-school children, child labour, adolescents marriage, adolescent birth rate, displacement due to conflict and child homicide. Kuwait ranked second in the Arab world (38 globally), followed by Oman (43th globally), Lebanon and Tunisia (45th globally), Saudi Arabia (47th globally), Jordan (51th globally), Morocco (83th globally) and Egypt (88th globally).
The index focuses on a set of life-changing events and uses certain indicators to assess countries: mortality among children under five years of age, malnutrition that stunts growth, lack of education, child labour, early marriage, adolescent births, displacement by conflict and child homicide.
The other indicators are: rate of out-of-school children, child labor, teen marriage, displacement by conflict, and child homicide.
"People who are involved in the investigation of child homicide - police officers and pathologists - are human beings," he said.
[1] The SA child homicide study estimates a child homicide rate of 5.5/100 000 children <18 years of age [2]--more than double the global child homicide rate.
This finding is supported by the national child homicide study showing that SA had one of the highest reported rates of neonaticide globally.
"My book contributes to the knowledge of a child homicide," says Shoesmith, a woman who, had she known the first thing about child homicide, would have stopped Baby P being virtually abandoned by HER department and left in the hands of a pair of monsters to be tortured to death.
She said her PS22.99 book, Learning From Baby P, was an "academic" work after completing a PhD, adding: "My book contributes to knowledge about this whole issue of child homicide. It's more of an academic book."
Herjanic reports findings by Resnick (2) who found a high incidence of depression among mothers who commit child homicide. Herjanic also reports findings by West (3) that maternal homicide of small children was the most common type of crime in depressed women.

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