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Abbreviation for:
catalysed signal amplification
cell surface antigen
central sleep apnoea
child sexual abuse
Child Support Agency (Medspeak-UK)
chondroitin sulphate A
chronic severe anaemia
chronic stable angina
clinical skills assessment
Clinical Spine Application (Medspeak-UK)
common services agency (Medspeak-UK)
computer science application
continuous spinal anaesthesia
Controlled Substances Act
craniospinal axis
cross-sectional area
cyclosporin A
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Cyclosporin A, see there.
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"Ultimately, the responsibility for paying child maintenance rests with the non-resident parent, but the Child Support Agency has to do its job too in collecting debts and enforcing payment."
in Kern County, the Child Support Agency and the Parole Office of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation targets parolees and those newly released from prison.
A spokesperson for the Child Support Agency said: "We're taking steps to ensure Ms Cartwright's child maintenance payments resume promptly.
The Child Support Agency later launched an investigation after the results were negative and the child's mother insisted only Owen could be the father.
He added: "The outcome is that we are waiting for a reply from the Child Support Agency, after having their full inquiry into their handling of the case.
But an efficient, humane and fair Child Support Agency does have a role to play where estranged parents cannot agree between themselves how to pay for their offspring's upbringing.
The Child Support Agency is one of the most loathed institutions in Britain, and today's damning National Audit Office report will only damage its reputation further.
Communicating with this population helps the child support agency to identify obligors with orders that qualify for downward modification or closure, and to clean up complicated cases.
A good father, being made to pay by the Child Support Agency for children he is never allowed to see is a victim.
A Scots Tory peer is being chased by the Child Support Agency.
THE Child Support Act came into effect in 1991, and the widely unpopular Child Support Agency was launched two years later.
Child Support Agency (CSA) data for Wales shows that around pounds 206m is owed in unpaid child maintenance.

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