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The act of lawfully assuming the parental rights and responsibilities of another person, usually a child under age 18, typically due to infertility; 8,000 babies/year enter the US adoption pool, most from underdeveloped countries; about 2% of children < age 18 in the US are adopted.
Health profile Adoptees comprise 5% of children in psychotherapy, 6–9% of those with learning disabilities, 10–15% of those in residential treatment or psychiatric hospitals.
Medical problems in international adoptees
• Infections Giardia lamblia, Trichuris trichiura, Blastocystis hominis, tuberculosis, HBV, chronic diarrhoea, poor hygiene
• Medical problems Neurologic, haematologic, renal, metabolic
• Psychological Sensory deprivation and/or physical abuse by care-givers
• Nutrition Malnutrition, rickets
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Social medicine The act of lawfully assuming the parental rights and responsibilities of another person, usually a child under the age of 18; the care and nurturing of a child by a non-blood-related adult who assumes the roles, rights, and obligations of a natural parent; 2% of children < age 18–US are adopted–± 1 million. See Cooperative adoption, Designated adoption, Independent adoption, Infant adoption, Informal adoption, Open adoption, Relative adoption, Semiadoption, Simple adoption, Traditional adoption, Transracial adoption, Wrongful adoption, Zygote adoption.
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In the 1970s, renowned child psychiatrists Goldstein, Freud, and Solnit asserted that repeated litigation of child custody was harmful to children and that initial child custody orders assigning primary physical custody to a "fit" parent should not be subject to modification.
With that caveat, the specific tests used and the timing of those tests are important in the context of a child custody dispute.
4:15 p.m.: Worcester Street, child custody issue reported at the police station.
And 67% did not realise such couples do in fact have the same legal rights in child custody matters.
In sum, in light of these significant findings from extensive psychological research, any child custody rule which emphasizes objectivity and relies on quantitative measures is too narrow.
Mnookin's Child Custody Adjudication: Judicial Functions in the Face of Indeterminacy, published in Law and Contemporary Problems in 1975.
On Monday, 3-member bench of SC headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry took the plea of Canadian child custody case, where father of the child argued that he fully respects the court and his child is in Canada thus cannot be presented before the court.
The treaty - the 1980 Hague Convention - sets out procedures to deal with cross-border child custody disputes.
(5) Problems may occur if the MHP discloses private information without consent, refuses to disclose information when it is required, or obtains consent from the wrong "patient." It is common practice for child custody evaluators to automatically request therapy records, but all involved may not fully understand the potentially negative consequences of records release.
The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA)--adopted by the Vermont legislature--regulates how states collaboratively assert jurisdiction over custody cases involving diverse parties.

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