Demetrius, 20th-century Austrian radiologist. See: Chilaiditi syndrome.
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Chilaiditi sign is an incidental radiologic finding first described by Greek radiologist Dimitrios Chilaiditi in 1906 as an interposition of colonic loops between the diaphragm and the live?
Chilaiditi syndrome: a rare entity with important differential diagnoses.
Hepatodiaphragmatic interposition of the bowel loop was described by Demetrious Chilaiditi in 1910.
Chilaiditi syndrome in the differential diagnosis of renal colic.
The Chilaiditi sydrome and associated volvulus of the transvers colon.
Chilaiditi's syndrome was described by Demetrius Chilaiditis in 1910 for the first time with three cases who had no complaints (1).
Chilaiditi syndrome as a cause of respiratory distress.
Chilaiditi syndrome associated with transverse colon volvulus: first report in a paediatric patient and review of the literature.
Regarding Chilaiditi syndrome, all the following statements are correct except:
Factors contributing to the occurrence of Chilaiditi syndrome are all the following except: