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chief executive

The lead accountable officer in a particular NHS (UK) organisation, often understood to be the principle at a hospital trust.
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Whitman or Meg Whitman is the president and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard (HP).
chairman and chief executive officer Christopher Begley, Mylan Laboratories Inc.
Under the provision, the Chief Executive Officer would have to declare, under penalties of perjury, that the company has in place procedures to ensure that the annual federal tax return complies with the tax code, and that the CEO has received reasonable assurances as to the accuracy of all material items in the return.
"His talk was excellent," said Wesley King, Chief Executive Officer, PESystems, Inc., of Fairfax, Va.
Chief executive officers should develop a system that allows for the annual review of every agency directive.
His chief executive officers are not simple villains or heroes.
Mary Sammons, president and chief executive officer of Rite Aid Corp.
Cohen, as president and chief executive officer, Andrew Roos as executive vice president and Robert A.

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