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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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According to McDonald's, the Portuguese Chicken Burger features a fried chicken patty dipped in a 'unique piri-piri sauce'.
<B Lamb with cous cous and, below, the chicken burger and the mussels at Inn At The Sticks, Llansteffan
"They even left us a chicken burger through the letter box.
Since the brand is all about providing simple, pleasurable, uncomplicated eating options, with high-quality ingredients that are wholesome, it is no surprise that A'Saffa Chicken burgers, franks, nuggets and other products are increasingly popular in the sultanate as well as the GCC.
The awards were given in recognition of the company's contributions to the rapidly thriving food industry and its achievement as the first company in the Middle East region to launch a pioneering range of healthy chicken burgers and nuggets, which are being produced and manufactured under GFI's Healthy Farm brand, it said.
The 'chawarma' chicken (Dh18) is a hot favourite with diners because of its secret sauces but it's the Lebanese-style chicken burger (Dh26) that stole the show for me.
My daughter Madison wanted a non-listed plain chicken burger - not peri peri, southern fried or tandoori - so I asked for plain and hoped for the best.
While the food here is good and consistent, their stand out dish is their chicken burger. Whenever I got back home, I always make it a point to go and chill at Hot Millions.
Right across the road from 1,000 pupils is Perfect Chicken, where six chicken nuggets cost just PS1.50, a chicken burger is PS1.60 and chicken and chips is PS1.90.
So, greedily, he went for the Old Macdonald Burger, which really was a bargain at only PS8.25 considering the bun was zealously stuffed with a beef burger, chicken burger, bacon and cheese.
Restaurants India, while McDonald's says the McSpicy chicken burger range is the fastest growing product across its 240 stores.
The new limited-time "Grilled Chicken Burger" will use chicken, highly popular in Asia, prepared in a broiling method particular tothe Japanese chain.