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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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Since the brand is all about providing simple, pleasurable, uncomplicated eating options, with high-quality ingredients that are wholesome, it is no surprise that A'Saffa Chicken burgers, franks, nuggets and other products are increasingly popular in the sultanate as well as the GCC.
The awards were given in recognition of the company's contributions to the rapidly thriving food industry and its achievement as the first company in the Middle East region to launch a pioneering range of healthy chicken burgers and nuggets, which are being produced and manufactured under GFI's Healthy Farm brand, it said.
Asked by assistant coroner Sally Hatfield why he had not said the customer should avoid the chicken burger, Mr Tse said: "There was no reason to at that time.
The remaining items on the menu are Veggie Burger and the Gourmet Chicken Burger.
Mairead said she was so hungry she started to eat the chicken burger when she noticed "something wasn't right".
The recalled batches concern the chicken burger brands: [eth]U[eth]i[eth]o[eth]ae[eth]n[eth]-[eth][pounds sterling][eth]a[eth]-[eth]N[eth]n[eth]O[eth]U [eth][pounds sterling].
The Clucky Balboa is a towering chicken burger, made up of two deep-fried chicken breasts, topped with guacamole, sriracha mayonnaise, pickled red onions, sliced pickles and shredded iceberg lettuce.
FONDANT FAVOURITES Chicken burger, bottles of MD 20/20, Jack Daniel's and Buckfast - complete with sozzled icing character - and a full Scottish fry-up
Today's recipe is for a chicken burger - using 100 per cent breast meat.
The 'chawarma' chicken (Dh18) is a hot favourite with diners because of its secret sauces but it's the Lebanese-style chicken burger (Dh26) that stole the show for me.
My daughter Madison wanted a non-listed plain chicken burger - not peri peri, southern fried or tandoori - so I asked for plain and hoped for the best.
While the food here is good and consistent, their stand out dish is their chicken burger.