Chicken Powder

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Regional drug slang for a formulation of amphetamines
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The porridges were made with roasted white maize and chicken powder in the following proportions:
85% roasted maize by weight + 15% chicken powder by weight
80% roasted maize by weight + 20% chicken powder by weight
The protein content of the chicken powder by weight is far higher (72-75% versus 17%) compared to the corn-soy blend, although the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) values are similar.
Assuming the corn flour used for the porridge and the other ingredients for the rice and gravy meal contain negligible protein, about 28 grams of chicken powder (almost the 25% CP by weight) provides the WHO recommended intake of protein of 20 grams for young children [13].
In summary, the results from the acceptability test as well as individual observations by the research team suggest that chicken powder with its high protein quality and essential micronutrient content could be incorporated in common staple foods to improve their quality in young child feeding.
Mothers who participated in the study said they will definitely incorporate the chicken powder in food to feed their children and the entire family.
Regular steamed white rice was used, with four different gravies containing different amounts of the chicken powder.
The test for homogeneity of the samples showed that mothers were able to distinguish the samples into 2 unique groups, control sample (containing no chicken powder) versus the 3 test samples (containing different levels of dehydrated chicken powder in the gravy) (p<0.