Chicken Head

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Slang for a woman who trades sexual favors for drugs, usually crack cocaine
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The deep-fried chicken head ("You Want Eyes With That?
But while not the choicest poultry part, a chicken head cooked to over 240 [degrees] F poses no health threat--heat kills disease-causing microorganisms in the chicken brain.
Now the Chicken Head affair has gripped America and lawyers are smacking their lips at the prospect of damages.
The giblets and chicken head may be used to make a soup stock.
I said to myself, `I have to have that chicken head,' " Naughton recalls.
Super dares you to try the grilled chicken head skewer-a real stomach churner for the squeamish eater.
Perhaps Mr Paterson could consider the Philippines where chicken head, intestines, blood and ass are sold as popular street food.
Imagine five days in and you're eating something called coffin pie which is basically a lard crust - the coffin lid - and chicken head, rooster's testicles, turkey combs, gizzards and all sorts of stuff which turned grey and furry the longer it was left.
A MUM was serving spicy chicken wings for tea for herself and her young daughter when she spotted a whole chicken HEAD.
Katherine and Rudolph Ortega were divvying up a box of McDonald's chicken wings for their children, when, they say they discovered a nasty surprise: a deep-fried chicken head, with beak, eyes, and even a few feathers intact.
In the mid-1970s, a chicken head was probably classier than what most journalists were wearing.
THIS was what horrified Katherine Ortega plucked from her McDonald's box - a golden, crispy, deep fried chicken head.