Chiari, Hans

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Hans, German pathologist, 1851-1916.
Arnold-Chiari deformity - Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari malformation
Arnold-Chiari malformation - see under Arnold, Julius
Arnold-Chiari syndrome - Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari malformation
Budd-Chiari syndrome - Synonym(s): Chiari syndrome
Chiari disease - Synonym(s): Chiari syndrome
Chiari net - abnormal fibrous or lacelike strands in the right atrium.
Chiari syndrome - thrombosis of the hepatic vein with great enlargement of the liver and extensive development of collateral vessels, intractable ascites, and severe portal hypertension. Synonym(s): Budd-Chiari syndrome; Budd syndrome; Chiari-Budd syndrome; Chiari disease; Rokitansky disease (2)
Chiari-Budd syndrome - Synonym(s): Chiari syndrome
Chiari II syndrome - elongation of medulla and cerebellar tonsils and vermis with displacement through the foramen magnum into the upper spinal canal.
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