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chewing tobacco

A form of smokeless tobacco sold as a shredded product, in contrast to dipping tobacco in which the tobacco leaves are ground.

Health effects
Oral cancer; often disfiguring due to heroic surgery.


Chewing tobacco. See Smokeless tobacco.
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The BBC are using pictures supplied by an American network which meant on Wednesday, as the Yanks were chewing the fat in the studio, Gary was compelled to exchange observations with his pundits which were straining towards the inane before, thankfully, we joined Peter Alliss and Sam Torrance.
Trevor was a passionate armchair rugby fan, and liked nothing more than chewing the fat with friends at the Bunch of Grapes pub on Ynysangharad Road, Pontypridd.
If ongoing talks come to a mutually agreeable conclusion, Andy Gray could be chewing the fat on-screen with another former Everton striker.
No doubt, they enjoy chewing the fat with the audience after every show.
Instead of chewing the fat, they chew on hazelnut and cheese quesadilla with avocado and mango salsa.
Catching up and chewing the fat with a friend every day may lower your chances of falling ill by protecting against inflammation.
CHEWING THE FAT Thursday, November 14 Selina Thompson presents her honest and funny show about fat.
I was chewing the fat with Willie when I accompanied Glenn McCrory to the Tony Christie Golf Classic at the Carden Park Hotel in leafy Cheshire.
We had an opportunity to win a game and I won't find myself chewing the fat or passing the time of day talking about what might have happened or all the permutations.
ON the cookery show with a difference celebrities will tonight be served top dishes while chewing the fat with Richie O hEadhra.
There I was, chewing the fat about advertising and what not with one of South Wales' biggest car dealers - I was editor of the Gwent Gazette at the time and trying to sound important, granted - when I suddenly noticed my coat had pockets.
The bright idea came when the MetroMail team were chewing the fat with Newcastle design consultants Ripe Design across a boardroom table strewn with sweets and chocolates.