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(1) A popular term for the practice by insurers of selling policies to those who do not need them, then dropping those who are insured when they do need the policies
(2) A highly colloquial term for the acceptance of patients based solely on their ability to pay—i.e., with insurance or cash—while turning away the indigent or poor
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Meanwhile, the cherry-picking conveys to the public a false impression of what the Yemeni war is all about and what has caused it to take its current shape.
The SEC's "probing analytical work will continue to root out investment advisors who subject their clients to cherry-picking."
Shadow Education Minister Angela Burns said Mr Andrews was "circling" Cardiff Metropolitan University and "cherry-picking data" to show the institution in a bad light.
EUROCONTROL, a European organisation for the safety of air navigation, on Monday reported that a local cherry-picking method trial at Vienna Airport reduced arrival delays and could resolve short-term congestion at other European airports with similar traffic demand patterns.
FOLLOWING on from recent letters concerning problems with taxis "cherry-picking", I wrote to Cardiff council and had a reply stating it cannot do anything without the taxi number, driver's number, etc.
AMERICAN investors worried about the recession turned to a strategy of cherry-picking stocks - sending tech shares higher and industrials lower.
I think my mother's memories were not quite so fond, focusing more on neck-breaking than cherry-picking. The usual procedure was to climb, pick, and then go through the fruit, one by one, selecting only the ripest and most attractive cherries for the serving bowl.
In addition to the Lebanese bias (an issue, as Larry Hart well knows, that was brought to Congress' attention by Al-Hurra's own staffers and admitted by Al-Hurra's own executives), "the numbers released by the station," the Center for Public Diplomacy's Alvin Snyder noted in December, "paint a much more optimistic picture of its viewership than do those calculated by outside sources." (The dispute over those rosy "unduplicated" figures is also well-known to Hart.) It's a desperate bit of cherry-picking indeed that lunges for glowing blurbs from The Washington Times, whose own editor at large, Arnaud de Borchgrave, has repeatedly slammed the broadcast mouthpiece under headlines like "Few Hurrahs for Al-Hurra."
The New Economics Foundation said there was clear evidence that the UK's biggest banks were cherry-picking customers for premium accounts, while failing to cater for those on low incomes.
"There was a lot of cherry-picking going on, and the reports that were
Berlin believes that a "cherry-picking" approach would finish off chances of getting the Constitution ratified because it would run the risk of requiring re-runs of national ratification procedures in countries which have already approved the text such as Germany, Spain and Luxembourg.