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(1) A popular term for the practice by insurers of selling policies to those who do not need them, then dropping those who are insured when they do need the policies
(2) A highly colloquial term for the acceptance of patients based solely on their ability to pay—i.e., with insurance or cash—while turning away the indigent or poor
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To better understand cherry picking from a price point of view, price knowledge of consumer decision-making will be discussed in the next section as the main construct under investigation in this study.
I believe I now need to re-examine my abhorrence of cherry picking and consider it a technique whose time has come.
Cherry picking will eliminate the vast majority of at-risk candidates from participating in an intensive health coaching intervention.
This decision allows the giant long distance companies to continue cherry picking the highest margin customer without providing any benefits to the average consumer.
Cherry picking fares could be one of the reasons why there is a downturn in the number of people coming in to town on the weekend.
Most people just want to grab a bite to eat and then usually go off cherry picking,'' said Cynthia Hull, Leona Valley Improvement Association president.
ActivityBase and the Genesis operate in concert to provide a streamlined laboratory workflow, for example, encompassing plate creation, screening, data capture and cherry picking in one step, freeing users to concentrate on scientific challenges and value-adding analyses.
If you're the general population, just put off the cherry picking until next weekend,'' she said.
Cllr Dave Antrobus, executive member for community safety, said: "People should always note down the number of the cab and contact the licensing office if they suspect a driver is cherry picking.
We even had the scoreboard going and we had the coaches cherry picking against us.