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The 1986 site of a nuclear reactor accident near Kiev, Ukraine, which was caused by a steam explosion. It is the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history and the only level 7 instance on the International Nuclear Event Scale. It resulted in a massive release of radioactivity following a power excursion which destroyed the reactor
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Suzanne Firth, from Friends of Chernobyl's Children, said: "Even though the Chernobyl disaster may seem many years ago now, these children and young people do still suffer the after effects.
Shortly after the Chernobyl disaster on April 26, 1986, the Kremlin issued a decree stating that medical or veterinary doctors and other researchers were not allowed without prior permission to publish data related to the disaster.
“On this significant anniversary, thousands of children every day are still feeling the tragic consequences of the Chernobyl disaster,” said Producer Nancy Spielberg, Founding Board Member of CCOC and sister of famed director Steven Spielberg.
"Let us take the time to honour them and the next generation of Chernobyl's children."
They showed that birds in Chernobyl had high frequencies of albino feathering and tumors with significant rates of cataracts, while tree growth was suppressed by radiation, particularly in smaller trees, even decades after the original accident.
The volume and quality of recorded medical and dosimetric information, organizational structure, interdepartmental and territorial cooperation in the AUDR allowed to assume that it would have become the first objective database on the radiological consequences the Chernobyl accident based on direct radiation-epidemiological studies in liquidators and population of the contaminated territories.
The youngsters are diagnosed with immune system problems associated with the Chernobyl nuclear incident in 1986.
Green Cross International President Alexander Likhotal, currently in Chernobyl as part of a Green Cross-organized study tour of radiation affected communities, says nuclear emergencies in Chernobyl and Fukushima underscore the dangers this technology poses and the need for the world to further develop safer forms of power, like solar and wind.
The data showed, for example, more than 1.48 million becquerels of radioactive cesium per square meter was detected in soil at a location some 250 kilometers away from the Chernobyl plant.
Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, speaking at the Kiev Nuclear Safety Summit, stressed that the Commission's money will be key in making the Chernobyl site safe again.
- World marks anniversary as Japan struggles with FukushimaUkraine marked the 25th anniversary on Tuesday of the world's worst nuclear accident at its Chernobyl power plant as Japan pressed on with efforts to control the crisis at its Fukushima plant.
Ask most Bulgarians, in their 30s and older, what they remember of Chernobyl and it is certain that the first reaction - again, with hindsight - will be anger and resentment.