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Drug slang A regional street term for a personal supply of drugs
Lab medicine See Delta check
Sports medicine See Body check
Vox populi An evaluation to verify something


Lab medicine See Delta check Sports medicine See Body check Vox populi An evaluation to verify something.


1. To stop or obstruct.
2. To examine or test.
3. The act or result of checking.
[O.Fr. eschec, to checkmate, fr. Persian shāh, king]


[O.Fr. eschec]
1. To slow down or arrest the course of a condition.
2. To verify.

Patient discussion about check

Q. What should I get checked for after a year of alcoholism? I'm a little worried about what damage I might have caused during my little drinking escapade and would like to know what I should get checked out. I had a bit of abdominal pain in my stomach area sometimes after drinking so I am concerned mostly what might have caused that. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

A. Thanks to all.
I appreciate your help..

Q. breast cancer check- once in how much time? I once heard you can check yourself at home as well so you wont run to the doctor's every time. How to do it? and every how many months is it recommended to be checked by the doctor??

A. Breast self-examination wasn't proved to benefit women in preventing breast cancer, mainly because difficulties in performing the examination, so there's no clear recommendation to perform self examination regularly.

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Q. What can I do to check on his behavior and make him regular… my 7 year son is seen with ADHD. I am not able to control on his high urges and irregularity and confusion which comes with this ADHD. What can I do to check on his behavior and make him regular…I know if I start now probably he will be better in coming years….

A. Very well……… need to make some strategies for your child. Like create a daily routine for your child. Place your child`s belongings at the same place daily and at same time. If your child is doing anything, please keep the thing away which may distract him. Limit the choices from many things to 2 things only if possible. Describe anything in clear and short way. Make goals for your child like for positive behavior and appreciate him when he does. Please scold less or don’t shout on him for his mistakes at all rather make him understand by reducing on his demands or choices. Help your child to find his talents and make him work on them.

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FOUR out of ten Britons are unaware the cheque guarantee system will be closing this year, according to a new survey.
Without the protection of the Cheques Acts more and more of these losses will be passed on to us by banks.
Yasser Rahman, Managing Director of Cutchsoft said, "The software helps manage the entire cheque cycle of the organization and it's a simple to use software that will help the user print cheques directly from one's home or office printer.
The removal of cheques as a method of payment will be extremely detrimental to this sector and to the wider economy unless a viable and cost effective alternative is introduced.
Telling someone you have transferred money into their bank account is somehow not the same as popping a surprise cheque inside a birthday card.
Obviously, high-street banks, which point out that the cost of clearing cheques is four times the cost of electronic payments, would love to get rid of cheques as soon as possible.
Queues are a bugbear and paying by cheque takes more time than paying by debit card or cash.
Big Brother star Jade Goody last month revealed that she believed she had been the victim of a sizeable cheque fraud.
One of his victims yesterday said police have linked him to more than 180 bounced cheques
Check 21 legalizes the use of substitute cheques in the clearing system, opening the door for greater market adoption of electronic cheque imaging and cheque truncation, reducing costs for banks, and increasing convenience for consumers.
Simply scratch off the corresponding numbered Cheques inside your Lucky Cheque.