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William D., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cheney syndrome.
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Cheney's questions for Pence -- which prompted Pence to joke about the lack of "softball" topics -- provide a revealing glimpse into the churning and often strained debates inside the Republican Party, where longtime GOP hawks such as Cheney have increasingly balked at Trump's engagement with autocrats and his noninterventionist approach to U.S.
Bale, 44, has been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Cheney in Vice.
StarChristian Balerecently won a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor - Comedy or Musical for his turn as Cheney, thanking Satan in his acceptance speech for providing his material.
Bale calls Cheney, who is widely seen as Bush's eminence grise from 2001 to 2009, 'a very strong character - he was incredibly consequential, and he understood brilliantly in a way, like perhaps nobody else, how to work the machinery of government.'
According to a review by ( Variety , "Vice" is "brashly entertaining," but in the end it fails to be "rich and deep," which is expected of a biopic of Cheney. Bale, on the other hand, has been praised for delivering a perfect performance.
A local newspaper revealed that Cheney had obtained a Wyoming fishing license without fulfilling the residency requirements.
Goldstein, "Cheney, Vice Presidential Power, and the War on Terror," Presidential Studies Quarterly 40:1 [March 2010] pp.
Like most men in their thirties, Cheney didn't give much thought to mortality and lived his day-today life as if it would never end.
"The normal cardiac function wasn't true,'' Gupta said to Cheney.
Cheney said striking Syria back in 2007 would have sent a clear signal to the world about proliferation, hence putting the U.S.
When Cheney was to be briefed on the vice-president's typical duties, which include fund raising and public appearances, he replied "I have a different understanding with the president," former vice-president Dan Quayle recalled in a press interview.
Cheney, a Wyoming native, said it was vital to the nation's national security that "good folks" hold the positions of secretary of state, CIA director and secretary of defense.