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William D., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cheney syndrome.
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Its principal focus, appropriately, is on the period beginning with Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, when Cheney directed the search for, and then served as, Bush's running mate, through their eight years together in the White House.
One of the best things about the 2008 race was ushering out the incalculably destructive Dick Cheney.
When Cheney was to be briefed on the vice-president's typical duties, which include fund raising and public appearances, he replied "I have a different understanding with the president," former vice-president Dan Quayle recalled in a press interview.
The elder Cheney has completed the 19-month prison sentence he received for unlawful use of a weapon and third-degree assault in the incident involving his son.
However, Cheney then said, "There are challenges ahead.
In short order, Cheney became the point man for all that was seen as wanting in the Bush administration and, in the view of some, for all that was criminal.
Mr Cheney then held talks with the king, Sheik Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and members of the Bahraini Cabinet.
Mr Cheney has a 25-year history of heart disease, including four heart attacks, the most recent a minor one in November.
Cheney was checked into George Washington University Hospital late Friday following unspecified health complaints according to his spokesman.
As Warshaw demonstrates, Bush--as presidential candidate, as president-elect, and as president--was comforted from the outset by Cheney's assurance that he had no separate political objectives of his own; Cheney intended never to run for president.
As unlikely as it sounds-and even though Cheney himself describes it as absurd-a movement is afoot to "draft" Cheney into running for president in 2012.