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The field of chemistry that integrates chemical data with analytic and molecular design tools finding the 'best- fitting' compounds to address particular targets; cheminformatics encompasses diversity analysis and library design, virtual screening, rational drug design, and tools and approaches for predicting activity and other properties from structure
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EPA, generating such data to inform agency and partner decision making regarding potential human health hazard and risk across the broad landscape of PFASs represents a real-world challenge that HTT coupled with cheminformatic approaches is uniquely designed to address.
Although there are many ways to systematically select a representative subset of structures from a library using different structure-based cheminformatic approaches, in this study predefined, expert-based structural categories were relied upon to characterize the PFAS screening library.
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Dalbergia sissoo, Sophora alopecuroides, and Lathyrus pratensis were selected using cheminformatic strategy and for the rest chemical data were used.
In such cheminformatics strategy, antifungal compounds of plant sources with strong antifungal activity were used as queries to find similar structures.
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