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distal to or occurring beyond a synapse.
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Pertaining to the area on the distal side of a synaptic cleft.
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Situated behind or occurring after a synapse: postsynaptic neurons.

post′syn·ap′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Spike transmission at the spike mediated chemical synapse is started with the invasion of an action potential from the neighboring neurons to the presynaptic terminal.
Autapse is assumed as chemical synapse in this paper and modeled using the so-called fast threshold modulation given by the following function.
Unlike neuron B19's requirement for an appropriate target for the regeneration of functional synapses (Zoran et al., 1996; Zoran and Poyer, 1999), neuron B110 is able to form chemical synapses when contacted by any cholinoceptive target (Fig.
Vasovic, "Synchronization of bursting neurons with delayed chemical synapses", Phys.
A further elaboration of the concept that cnidocytes contain the machinery of chemical synapses is the understanding that cnidocyte discharge is an exocytotic process.
In contrast to most other neurons, which rely on chemical synapses to communicate with each other, GnRH neurons instead appear to be interconnected through very long branch-like protrusions known as dendrites.
Chemical synapses involve the release of neurotransmittters by the presynaptic nerve terminal of one neuron, which then influences the function of a second neuron.
Numerous asymmetric and symmetric chemical synapses, corresponding to the excitatory and inhibitory synapses, respectively, were seen in the neuropile region.

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