chemical reaction

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chemical reaction,

n rearrangement of atoms or ions accompanying energy change. A catalyst, such as heat or an enzyme, may alter the rate of reaction.
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how subtle changes in its design or chemical reactant flow affect its overall performance.
Security features include an embedded chemical reactant "VOID;" laid lines, or varied line patterns appearing on the back of a document which deter cutting and pasting; artificial watermarks, visible only when viewed at a 45 degree angle; and Laser Lock(R), a special coating that improves toner adhesion.
has agreed to extend its license to CCGC for the use of the chemical reactant De-Link to devulcanize rubber, and to sell the resulting De-Vulc product.
The devulcanized process, patented by STI-K Polymers America and trademarked De-Link, uses a non-toxic chemical reactant in the recycling of waste vulcanized rubber compounds.
Russia) examines the many factors that can impact the complex dielectric permittivity, density, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and viscosity of meat, vegetables, fruit, oils, body tissues, wood, polymers and plastics, ceramics, soils, water, and chemical reactants.

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