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chemical property,

n property shown by a substance when it reacts with a different substance or undergoes a change in composition.
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Milks as raw materials for fat production--cows'/sheep's milk; Properties of milk and milk rats from species other than cow; Chemical properties of milk fat; Physical properties of milk fat; Rancidity of milk fats; Fractionation of milk fat; Role of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in dairy rats for human health; Processing of milk fat; Legislation relating to milk rats; Index; Appendix: LFI reports of interest.
Because PEEK's combination of mechanical and chemical properties allowed the company to offer one product that could be used in both acidic and caustic applications.
Implementing agency : Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education Jiangbei Chemical Properties middle school girls
Each side can have different chemical properties, and as a result, the selective membrane could one day be used to deliver drugs through the skin or in specialized chemical sensors.
Just by looking at the chemical properties of buckyballs, one would never expect to find them in any appreciable amount in water," he says.
It begins with a study of the fundamental physical and chemical properties of activated sludge, then advances to detailed methods for the microscopic characterization of activated sludge for diagnosis of solids separation problems.
Its laboratory can test for such chemical properties as carbon black, acetone extract, ash content, moisture, volatiles and rubber hydrocarbon content, as well as physical properties.
He says botanicals are widely used in Korea, and little scientific research on their chemical properties and interactions with other pharmaceuticals has been performed there to date.
While this flux utilizes similar chemical properties as ASI's high performance cupola flux, CF 40, it has been reformulated to allow use as a furnace and ladle flux.
It smells like wood, looks like wood, and has the same mechanical and chemical properties as wood.
This paper will review the course of the development, the physical and chemical properties, and clinical applications of CPC.

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