chemical indicator

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chem·i·cal in·di·ca·tor

(kemi-kăl indi-kā-tŏr)
A color change or appearance of a mark indicating that a chemical reaction has occurred.
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(7) Chemical indicators are to be placed inside each package, and if it cannot be seen from the outside, an exterior chemical indicator is also placed on the outside of the package.
Swinney and colleague Qi Ouyang then used this apparatus to demonstrate how adjusting the temperature or concentration of one or more of the reacting chemicals could abruptly produce a distinctive, stationary pattern of concentrations - made visible by a chemical indicator, which changes color in the presence of certain substances.
System 1E received regulatory clearance for sale in April 2010, but Steris did not immediately ship the product because it was waiting for FDA approval of two accessory parts: a chemical indicator and a biologic indicator.
New to the Steriking[R] line of Self Seal pouches is the innovative and convenient chemical indicator (Class 1) peel-off strip.
The SteriScan[TM] Steam Integrators from Stow, OH-based Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corporation provide biological indicator accuracy and chemical indicator convenience.
* Is a color-change chemical indicator used inside and in the center of each pack?
Comply[TM] Brand Liquid Peracetic Acid Chemical Indicator #1249 for monitoring the STERIS SYSTEM 1[R] Processor is a large and easy-to-read indicator with a distinct color change.

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