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chem·i·cal e·qua·tion

an equation on one side of which are the reactants and on the other side of which are the products of a chemical reaction; the two halves may be separated by an equals sign or by arrows.
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In the text the various presentations are accompanied by numerous chemical equations and illustrations.
Devoid of overwhelming scientific jargon, chemical equations, and kinetics, this book simplifies details to provide quick instruction for plant operators on how to make more informed day-to-day process control decisions, how to troubleshoot confidently when SBR conditions become compromised, and how to act decisively when the problem is ultimately identified.
Publicon seamlessly incorporates intuitive math typesetting technology with additional templates for chemical equations, special characters, and symbols to produce publication-quality documents quickly and easily.
The suggested notation system resembles the element symbols in the chemical equations.
6] in other words, all great scientists are artists who express their art in mathematical constructs, chemical equations and the mapping of the beauty and elegance of nature, may that be in biology, physics or chemistry.
savings bonds were awarded to Feng Li (basic), for his program, "Monument to the People's Heroes at Tian Men Square," and Gemao Huang (pascal), for his program, "Balance Chemical Equations.
On occasion, chemical equations appear on the screen when demonstrations are being performed.
You may want to encourage your parents to catch up on episodes of "Mad Men" or show them how to ace Wii tennis so they won't feel lonely while you're working one-to-one with a tutor balancing chemical equations.
To build molecular structures using ChiWriter requires the optional Chemistry Fonts Disk with its set of specially centered alphabetic characters to form the symbols of atoms within molecules and chemical equations.

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