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chem·i·cal e·qua·tion

an equation on one side of which are the reactants and on the other side of which are the products of a chemical reaction; the two halves may be separated by an equals sign or by arrows.
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As a result, students generally memorise the chemical equations and regurgitate them in tests and examinations (Tan, Goh, Chia, & Treagust, 2002).
The former British PM had a degree in chemistry and failed to realise that chemical equations do not apply to economics, which have significant social and human effects on the whole society.
It's about motivating people and showing people that science isn't all about learning chemical equations.
Both methods are rooted in balanced chemical equations as prescribed by Lavoisier's conservation of mass law.
Avoiding unnecessary jargon and chemical equations, wastewater biologist Gerrardi (The Pennsylvania State U.
In the direct substitution approach, chemical equations are incorporated directly into the transport equations.
Extensive black-and-white illustrations and chemical equations help to crystalize the examples given in this solid and readily understandable instructional resource.
Bowell presents a well-referenced and comprehensive review on the hydrogeochemical dynamics of mine pit lakes, despite some complicated diagrams that fail to clearly demonstrate the detailed processes involved or contain apparently unbalanced chemical equations.
This summary of airbag Chemistry, posted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, uses chemical equations to explain the reaction: www.
Students receive pointers and step-by-step assistance in navigating chemistry problems and concepts, from mastering the elements to balancing chemical equations.
Specific chemical equations that incorporate temperature and ionic strength were used in development of the Gordon-Adam bleach decomposition model.
Observe, describe, and quantify chemical reactions and the effect of atomic or molecular structure on the interaction of different materials, including the balancing of simple chemical equations.

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