Chemical Weapon

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Any of a number of highly toxic chemicals—which can be delivered by long range artillery or bombs—developed as weapons of mass destruction
Agents Phosgene, nerve agents—sarin, soman, tabun, which are chemical mixtures, including diisopropylfluorophosphate, that react with the serine hydroxyl group of acetylcholinesterase, inhibiting neural transmission—hydrogen cyanide, blistering agents—mustard gas, thionyl chloride
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"It is a matter of grave concern that despite our best efforts, there has been an increase in allegations and incidents of use of chemical weapons in different parts of the world such as Malaysia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq," he stated.
CSEPP teams up with the states and communities surrounding the stockpile sites to provide emergency preparedness assistance and resources in the unlikely event of a chemical weapon accident or incident.
Chemical weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction - like nuclear weapons.
Dominic Tierney, a political scientist at Swarthmore College and a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, contends that "the distinction between chemical weapons and conventional weapons is arbitrary, really.
(11) Telegram from Secretary of State to American Embassy Damascus, Foreign Policy Export Controls on Chemical Weapon Precursors, July 1985.
Last month, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the US is the only country in the world owning chemical weapons, adding that the world will not be free from those weapons unless Washington destroys its arsenal of prohibited arms.
Without a doubt, chemical weapons are cruel and have devastating impact on those exposed to them.
Wilson said that 'describing chemical weapons victims as 'comedians' is despicable'.
The second target was a chemical weapons storage facility west of the city of Homs.
"We have been listening to false accusations made by the US State Department to the effect that we have been hindering the probe into cases involving the use of chemical weapons in Syria despite the explanations we provided,'' he said.
is accusing us of cooperating in Syria's manufacturing of chemical weapons, stating this was reflected in a report by the U.N.

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