Chemical Terrorism

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The use of chemical weapons as a tool of terrorism
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(a) This article's findings are based on research conducted by the authors as part of a predictive analysis of potential Islamic State chemical terrorism pathways against the United States and its allies and interests.
* Conditional Exclusion of Terrorism Involving Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Terrorism (Relating to Disposition of Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act), IL 09 96 01 07
Nuclear, Biological Or Chemical Terrorism Exclusion (Other Than Certified Acts Of Terrorism); Cap On Losses From Certified Acts of Terrorism (PB 05 39)--This endorsement (1) excludes an "other act of terrorism" if the terrorism involves the use of nuclear materials, is carried out by means of the dispersal or application of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials, or pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials are released; and (2) caps loss payment as delineated in TRIA arising from a "certified act of terrorism."
Scientific Working Group on Forensic Analysis of Chemical Terrorism, Quality assurance guidelines for laboratories performing forensic analysis of chemical terrorism, Forensic Science Communications [Online] (2004).
This manual will find a home on bookshelves worldwide among government officials and others concerned about the threat of biological and chemical terrorism. For those in countries most in need of this guidance, its scope may be overwhelming.
CBSU also participates significantly in the Scientific Working Group on the Forensic Analysis of Chemical Terrorism (SWGFACT).
The Tokyo police deployed members of the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism Investigative Unit to the platform of the station, which will also open that day.
Talks centered on the threat assessment of chemical terrorism, the control of dangerous substance and measures to be taken in response to an attack.
Thayer, America's Achilles 'Heel: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism and Covert Attack (Cambridge, Mass.: M1T Press, 1998); Philip B.
The threat of chemical terrorism is a relatively new concern that is also addressed by the legislation.
Precautions against biological and chemical terrorism directed at food and water supplies.
* In the case of chemical terrorism, Mark I autoinjector kits, though not approved for pediatric use, can be used as the initial treatment for children with life threatening nerve agent toxicity.
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