Chemical Terrorism

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The use of chemical weapons as a tool of terrorism
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Prior to the DOJ transition, the IRP conducted numerous analyses designed to identify and demonstrate the best practical approaches to improve the nation's preparedness for biological and chemical terrorism.
Each drill of the New York State Hospital Laboratory Drill Series included up to 30 acute care hospital facilities, under the leadership of their associated Regional Resource Center (RRC), and at least one reference laboratory within the NYS DOH Wadsworth Center including the Clinical Bacteriology Laboratory, Chemical Terrorism Laboratory, and Clinical Virology Laboratory.
Unlike radiological and most biological agents, agents of chemical terrorism or their precursors are readily available and some can be purchased over-the-counter and without attracting much attention.
Given the intense interest in the potential for chemical terrorism and the existence of considerable information on emergency-response events as well as chemicals most likely to be used in intentional attacks, the authors reviewed HSEES data for events involving Priority I chemicals from the Chemical Terrorism Listing.
In addition, the city has posted a list of frequently asked questions about biological and chemical terrorism on its Web site, www.
Chemical terrorism will likely engage firefighters, law-enforcement personnel, and emergency medical services that converge at an incident scene.
But he underlined how seriously the authorities were treating the potential menace by disclosing that Britain had summoned a seminar of top EU experts on biological and chemical terrorism which was meeting in the south of England.
Chemical terrorism and cyanides (Arnaud Delahaye and Frederic Baud).
Advances in biological and chemical terrorism countermeasures.
AACC presents an audioconference entitled "Emergency Preparedness: What Your Lab Needs to Know" covering issues such as how to prepare for a pandemic, the role of the lab in chemical terrorism, and testing protocols for an environmental disaster.
In response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, CDC instituted a Chemical Terrorism Preparedness Workgroup.
These stations will be used to isolate and investigate cases of infectious disease symptoms, which may or may not be linked to biological or chemical terrorism.

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